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AJ Smith


NYC-based songwriter and artist AJ Smith writes with such emotional honesty and clarity, that you can’t help but get goosebumps listening to his music. The unique qualities and power of his voice turn his nostalgia into your memories, his triumphs into your successes, and his heartbreak into your own loss.

His unique pop sound is an effectively orchestrated blend of acoustic and electronic instruments: both raw and refined, featuring beautifully patient builds, builds, mesmerizingly unforgettable melodies, and emotionally compelling lyrics. His compelling sound helped secure Smith collaborations with GRAMMY-winner producer Scott Jacoby (John Legend, Vampire Weekend) for his 2016 single & EP “Brooklyn Nights”, which received airplay on Z100, Eagle 97.7 and DC101 (where DJ Mike Jones compared the track to fun.’s “We Are Young”). He has opened for Lindsey Stirling and Emily Kinney, and performed at Milwaukee Summerfest and Bethlehem MusikFest.

AJ Smith’s inspiration is drawn from his unconventional path as a songwriter, one that has seen him serve as a Young Associate Violinist to the National Symphony Orchestra while simultaneously serving as an Engineer and Infrared Systems Developer for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Never shy about seizing opportunities or facing challenges, Smith’s diverse passions and healthy obsessions led him on a genre-crossing journey.

Now nearly 2,000 miles away from where his musical journey began, Smith makes his home in a city with a different sort of breathtaking view – New York. His continued wiz-kid love of technology that once had him building infrared sensors for the U.S. Navy now enables him to build out custom rigs for his one-man live shows that are a spectacle of showmanship, featuring Smith on a revolving multitude of instruments all at once. Be sure to stay in touch to see Smith’s next live show!

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