Know Your Crazy

There’s a hot new picture book for women by women called Know Your ‘Crazy’ from visual artist Vivienne Boucherat

Published On January 18, 2021 | By Fiona Bloom | News, Vivienne Boucherat

The book contains stunning mixed media. Vivienne Boucherat created over 60+ images blending paper cutouts, watercolors, inks, and printmaking within the art reproductions of this book to remind us that our individual crazy is a shared, relatable experience. 

With the intention to make ‘crazy’ less crazy,  Know Your ‘Crazy’ highlights the necessity for everyone to embrace their inner madwoman – regardless of their perceived shapes and sizes.  Moments in our lives can be challenging, joyful, tragic, and frankly, a little crazy. 

The book makes a great gift to have and for sitting around with your best female friends over cocktails discussing all these moments. Regardless of how people internalize these negative feelings and thoughts, it can be difficult to interpret these experiences ourselves. Great for bonding sessions and bringing us closer together.

Let’s celebrate our ‘Crazy’ on Galentine’s Day and International Women’s Day!  Find your crazy here!

Check out more from Vivienne Boucherat here!

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